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Matching Results: Tailgate Locks

Pace Edwards PowerGate

Pace Edwards PowerGate$99.99

Protect your valuable cargo from the fast hands of parking lot bandits with Pace Edwards’ PowerGate Adds a tough dead bolt to your tailgate that locks and unlocks automatically with your power door locks Engage or disengage your PowerGate with the push of a button—your keyless entry remote controls it A toggle switch is availablenbsp;… [View Details]

Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock

Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock$109.99

1 Button Locking & Unlocking:  The power tailgate lock adds the convenience of one-button tailgate security.  Works with your power door locks. Easy To Use:  Locking and unlocking your tailgate from your truck’s cab becomes as easy as locking and unlocking your doors. Mounts Inside Tailgate:  Permanently mounted inside your truck’s tailgate, the Power Tailgate Lock connectsnbsp;… [View Details]

Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock

Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock$79.95

Lock up your truck bed with the Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock for a solid line of defense against crooked thieves Fits securely under your handle and stops bandits from getting into your gear Pop & Lock Tailgate Locks are forged from extra-strength armored steel Custom-shaped to match the curves and contours of your tailgatenbsp;… [View Details]