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Dee Zee Side Wheel Well Tool Boxes – $239.99-$399.99 Please Call

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Dee Zee Side Wheel Well Tool Boxes

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

  • Premium Design: These toolboxes are offering a premium design, extending from the wheel well to the tailgate.
  • 2 Finishes: Dee Zee wheel well toolboxes are available in 2 finishes including diamond plate aluminum and black.
  • Lockable: The lockable design ensures a safe and secure storage area.
  • Fits Passenger and Driver side: Single length is available for driver or passenger side and fits 6′ or 6.5′ truck beds.

Dee Zee side wheel well tool boxes include the wheel well to wheel well toolboxes. These toolboxes are designed to fit nicely with your wheel wells in your pickup bed. They are available in premium diamond plate aluminum and black finishes. These Dee Zee wheel well tool boxes have a lockable lift up lid and fits both 6′ and 8′ beds.

No more throwing your tools and extra cargo into the back of your truck.

The Dee Zee truck tool boxes are designed to keep your tools safe and secure, protected from the elements and unwanted visitors. These toolboxes are available in single or double lengths.

Whether you are looking to protect your tools from the elements or you are just sick of tools strung throughout your truck bed.

The Dee Zee wheel well truck toolboxes do all of that and more. Made by Dee Zee.

Additional Details: Please include your complete vehicle information including the actual size of your truck bed and phone number in the "Notes/Special Instructions" box.

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