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Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock – $79.95

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Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

  • Lock up your truck bed with the Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock for a solid line of defense against crooked thieves
  • Fits securely under your handle and stops bandits from getting into your gear
  • Pop & Lock Tailgate Locks are forged from extra-strength armored steel
  • Custom-shaped to match the curves and contours of your tailgate handle
  • Your Pop & Lock is painted black to compliment your rig’s ABS trim
  • Takes 15 minutes or less to install the Pop & Lock—requires no drilling, cutting or welding
  • Built with pride in the USA
  • Your Pop & Lock comes with a 1-year warranty

A tonneau cover may shield your gear from the snooping eyes of thieves, but it does not stop them from opening your tailgate and pirating your valuables. Thankfully, crime-hating inventors developed the ingenious, easy-to-use Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock. It locks into place behind your tailgate handle, blocking anyone without the key from getting inside.

Pop & Lock Tailgate Locks are constructed from heavy-duty armored steel. It would take a plasma cutter to slice through this meaty security device. Though tough as nails, the Pop & Lock does not skimp on style. It’s custom-contoured to match the shape of your tailgate handle, and finished with an ABS black finish.

You won’t have to dust off your drill for the installation—your Pop & Lock mounts in minutes without any drilling. Plus, the Pop & Lock Tailgate Locks are raised for easy use and minimized pinch risk. Backed by a 1-year warranty.

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