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Choosing A Truck Tool Box

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Choosing A Truck Tool Box

Choosing the right truck toolbox for your requirements can be tough. You’ve got specific needs. You live a certain way, and while your truck may be like many others on the road, the way you use it is going to influence the accessories you buy for it.

For example: the truck toolbox.

Depending on your specifications, you could choose from crossover, side-mounted, and specialty toolboxes. Stainless steel construction, welding, and waterproofing are all useful, but that call comes down to utility.

What do you need, and which box will service that need the best?

Join us, today, as we take a look at the four essential factors to consider when buying a toolbox for your truck.

truck tool box

truck tool box

How Big Is Your Truck Bed?

With the huge variety of toolboxes available on the market today, finding one that suits your workload can be a chore.

It’s best to start with the simplest question: what size truck bed do you have?

Checking the truck’s internal dimensions helps to make sure it will fit without hanging off the sides. Measure the height of the bed wall. Then the distance between the insides of the bed rails and between the outside of the bed-rails. Finally, measure the distance between the base of the wheel wells and bulkhead.

Truck toolboxes are built in size classes and can be adjusted to fit most bed sizes. With your measurements in hand, you’ll start whittling down your options, making the process easier.

Cargo Capacity

Another very practical question you’ll need to ask yourself is exactly how much capacity you’ll need from your toolbox. Someone who needs a basic selection of tools for repairs and roadside mechanic work could get away with a single small side-mounted box. Someone running a roadside assistance business will likely need more tools and, thus, a bigger toolbox. Someone moving large cargo will fall into this same category.

Think carefully about how much capacity you’ll need. A big box may sound like a catch-all solution, but a narrower toolbox will make it easier to access most small tools.


We all use our trucks for different things.

If you’re expecting your truck bed to be regularly occupied by things that aren’t your toolbox, this becomes a consideration as well. A crossover toolbox may hold more, but if you have to crawl around a truck bed full of beds, boxes or other heavy objects to get to it, it becomes less valuable.

Side mount toolboxes offer easy access to the tools you need, without needing to stretch too much when reaching for your tools. And, because you can install (at least) two in a truck bed, you can really make up for any lost space.

Truck Tool Box Types

Of course, all the preparation in the world can’t hold a candle to an essential understanding of the types of truck tool boxes there are to choose from:


By far the most common type of truck toolbox, the crossover mounts against the back of a truck bed, resting across the bed rails. It looks like a bridge between the two sides of your truck bed and is usually made with a single lid that opens back. Some also feature a two-door design that opens from the center.

Side-Mount Toolbox

As mentioned above, crossover toolboxes have one major shortcoming, and that’s a full truck bed. With your tools in the center of the truck bed and at the back, the crossover box becomes much more difficult to access. Side mounts sidestep this problem, installed at the sides of the truck bed instead, for easier access.

Specialty Tool Box

These are great additional toolboxes, for when you just need that extra bit of storage space. Because they are available in such a diverse selection of sizes and shapes, these can be added anywhere and used to boost your storage options.

Choosing A Truck Tool Box: And Now You Know

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