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Introducing: The Lomax Tonneau Cover

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Introducing: The Lomax Tonneau Cover

In the truck accessory industry, you see a lot of products come and go. Truck covers don’t always innovate, and the ones that don’t tend to fade into the background fairly early on. The ones that do, however, have a tendency to grab your attention in undeniable ways.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but the Lomax Tonneau Cover is one of these products. Join us, today, as Truck Stuff Direct introduces you to one of our favorite new products to join our already amazing truck accessory line. The sleek, impressive, tough-as-nails Lomax Tonneau Cover.

Lomax Tonneau Cover

The Lomax Tonneau Cover

How The Lomax Cover Is Different

When it comes to performance vehicles like trucks, the name of the game is toughness. These are vehicles designed to be put through their paces, taken out in terrible weather, driven through mud and water, and filled with heavy objects that roll during transport. It might sound cliche, but you need rugged accessories to help keep your vehicle in top condition.

The Lomax Tonneau Cover is just such an accessory. Featuring aluminum panels constructed from high-end alloys used in trailers, these are performance devices designed for high stress. Each cover is supported by an extruded aluminum channel, making them incredibly durable while staying impressively light.

And, when it comes to stress, the Lomax stands out as well. It can support up to 400 lbs, evenly distributed across the top of the cover, making it great for environments where snow settles on your car overnight.

And let’s not pretend like looks don’t matter, either. The Lomax Cover is coated in a textured black finish, meaning it will fit in perfectly with the OEM style of any modern truck, while masking scratches and built up grime.

Lomax Hard Tonneau Covers also feature some of the lowest profiles of any tonneau cover on the market, less than half an inch your bed rails. This sleek, professional look also serves the function of increasing your aerodynamic form. Believe it or not, this in turn can even improve your fuel economy.

Installing And Using It

The Lomax Tonneau cover requires no drilling in order to set up in your truck bed. Clamp the rail in place in your truck bed, then install the Tight Bite™ clamps to secure the rails against the sides of your truck bed. Once this is secure, the cover can be locked into place by sliding it along the rail until the latches click into place.

During the installation process, there are ten locking points to click closed, guaranteeing this cover stays closed once you close it. When it comes time to open it, unlatch the cable from your tailgate and easily fold back each section. As these panels fold back, each latch point on the next panel unlocks automatically. Once opened all the way, retractable storage clips can be pulled out to hold the cover open so you can drive with it opened.

For more on these or any of our other fantastic truck and SUV products, get in touch with Truck Stuff Direct today, for great stuff and exceptional customer service.

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