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How To Choose Truck Floor Mats

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How To Choose Truck Floor Mats

It takes all kinds to make up the world, or so they say. Even so, for most people, the thought an auto floor mat is pretty very uninteresting, no matter their interests. They go in your car, you put your feet on them while you drive, and twice in a lifetime, you remember to vacuum them.

However, when you consider all of the dirt, mud, water, and muck from just your daily living, it might seem like more of a necessity. Often, dirty or stained floors mean trucks may lose more of their resale value, for instance. And setting things right in this case is made easy by adding custom floor mats.

Here are our tips for choosing the best truck floor mats for your vehicle!

Truck Floor Mats

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Avoid Generics

When looking for the right floor mat for your truck, try to stay away from universal floor mats. These kinds of mats are meant to fit many types of vehicles, but in reality their focus is on the ability to fit multiple vehicles, not on quality.

Instead, look for utility floor mats. These are designed to keep your vehicle floors clean under any circumstance.  Whether it’s dirt, mud, or any kind of liquid, these liners will make sure your floors stay safe. After the muck has accumulated, removing the mat and washing it with a hose should suffice for cleaning it.


Choose one that matches the style of your vehicle, but also accommodates the activities you’ll be pursuing. When looking for truck floor mats, utility mats are usually the best way to go due to their ability to handle any situation.

Never forget to add some style. Choosing a mat that is not only functional, but matches the style of you and your vehicle is central to choosing a great floor mat.

Truck Bed Liners

Cargo or truck bed liners are also helpful, protecting your truck floor when hauling cargo like pets or other heavy objects. The thickness reduces the wear and tear on the floor.

When choosing the right truck floor mat, it’s important to consider the activities you use your vehicle for, as well as what protection you need. Utility and cargo liners work best for keeping the floors safe against muck and wear, caused by heavy objects.

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